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Teeth Whitening

Beautiful white smiles for our neighbors in Monroe, Connecticut

Whether you are looking to remove brown spots on teeth, remove white spots on teeth, or just want a brighter, whiter smiler, we can make it happen. We custom tailor your whitening treatment to your specific concerns.

Success Stories

Teeth Bleaching Before
Teeth Bleaching After

Teeth Bleaching

This patient wanted whiter teeth, and was ecstatic with the results he got. This type of change is possible in just 15 days! It involves two weeks of at-home whitening in custom made trays to start the process, then a final in-office whitening session to get the spectacular results you want.

Spot Removal Before
Spot Removal After

Removing Brown Spots on Teeth

Brown spots on front teeth can be annoying or even embarrassing, but they don’t have to be that way! They are very easily corrected and safe for all ages. Lily is a vivacious 10 year old that we see. Her mom was concerned about the brown spots on her front teeth. While Lily was initially a bit hesitant to do anything, she was happy that the process was quick and easy, and both mom and Lily were thrilled with the final results.

Spot Correction Before
Spot Correction After

White Spot Correction

As much as everyone wants white teeth, sometimes your teeth really can be too white. White spots, which are areas of the teeth that don’t mineralize the way the rest of the tooth does, can stand out in an otherwise perfect smile. When they are on front teeth, many people wish there was something you could do about it. It used to be that the only way to get rid of these spots was by drilling it out and replacing it with a filling that matched the tooth better. But removing healthy tooth structure is no longer necessary – with new techniques, a simple whitening process can get your teeth a uniform color.

Teeth Whitening Before
Teeth Whitening After