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Dental Cavity Treatment in Monroe, CT

There are 3 ways of knowing if your tooth has a cavity:

  • It may cause pain or sensitivity,
  • It may appear as a brown or black spot on your tooth,
  • It may not do either of these things, but it can show up on an dental x-ray.

A tooth cavity is fixed with a filling. The benefits of a filling are:

  • Relief of discomfort caused by a cavity,
  • Restoring the natural white appearance of a tooth,
  • Preventing the cavity from progressing further. If left untreated, cavities can cause root canals or even extractions, so it is important to get them treated in a timely manner.

Fillings are probably the most familiar dental procedure to most people, but they usually are not sure what it is exactly. A filling consists of cleaning the cavity from the tooth and filling in the space with either a white filling (as known as “bonding” or “composite fillings”) or a silver filling.

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Success Stories

Dental Filling Before
Dental Filling After

Patient came in with a broken tooth. We were able to fix it quickly and effectively with a filling instead of a crown. He was very relieved that he did not have to go to work with a broken tooth.

Resin Fillings Before
Resin Fillings After

White filling to fix a cavity on a front tooth. The discolored and decayed part of the tooth is cleaned out and filled with a natural looking filling.

White Fillings Before
White Fillings After

White fillings to fix cavities. These are a good way to stop cavities from getting bigger, while restoring teeth to their natural appearance.

Tooth Colored Fillings Before
Tooth Colored Fillings After

White filling to fix a cracked tooth that also had a cavity by the gums. We removed the cracks that are evident horizontally and vertically, which helps the tooth last longer by reducing the risk of it breaking.

Filling Before
Filling After

This tooth would normally have to be pulled. But with some dental magic, we fixed it with a filling.

Filling Treatment Before
Filling Treatment After

This patient was getting food stuck between her premolars and had difficulty flossing it out. Food remaining in between the teeth for long periods of time is irritating to the gums and can lead to gum disease. We removed the old filling with flat edges and replaced it with a new filling with more natural, rounded edges that would prevent food from getting stuck. This will help make sure that she will not need a deep cleaning in the future.

Composite Filling Before
Composite Filling After

This tooth was very badly broken down and was causing the patient a lot of discomfort. It was fixed with a filling to look natural again.