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What Our Patients are Saying

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Dr. Yaseen is a warm, friendly and caring dentist. She is conservative rather than aggressive in her treatment. She takes a thorough interest in every...

Barbara McCann, Monroe


Dr. Yaseen is great, I love that she gives you an honest opinion, she'll tell you that not everything needs to be treated. When something does need to...

Phillip Joseph, Monroe


Best experience ever! Recommend to everyone, Dr Yaseen does amazing work! I’m so happy with my smile and the best part that most of the time I’m l...

Julia Art, Monroe


Dr. Yaseen is an excellent dentist that made me feel very comfortable while I was there. 10/10 would recommend!...

Abdulkarim Alamad, Monroe


Dr. Yaseen was very thorough and I felt very comfortable with my treatment....

Abdul Rafah Bin Nasir, Monroe

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