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Dentist Monroe CT

Green Dentistry

In our dental office, we practice “green dentistry” – we make every effort possible to ensure that our dentistry is environmentally friendly as possible.


Most of our paper waste is recycled. The exception is anything that has sensitive patient information, which is disposed of according to HIPAA standards and regulations.

Digital X-rays

We use digital x-rays, eliminating the use of hazardous wastes that are necessary for the development of film x-rays. It also eliminates the need for the actual physical film, the mount to organize the film, and the paper chart to store the film. Our environmental footprint is further reduced by the fact that when communicating with specialists, digital x-rays can be emailed instead of sent through snail mail.

Sterilizable Products

Whenever possible, we use products that can be sterilized instead of disposed after a single use to reduce the impact on landfills. However, patient safety is the most important consideration we take into account when deciding whether to use disposable or sterilizable products.

Filtration Technology

We use environmentally friendly filtration technology, which allows safe removal of old mercury fillings.

Sterilization System

We use steam-based sterilization system that contains no harmful chemicals and reduces overall water usage.